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Renovation Retreat

The perfect wellness getaway in Mayville NY.

 Join Nikki and Debi for a complete Wellness weekend designed to help you step away from the bustle of everyday life and step mindfully into your health. Learn new ways to take care of yourself from nutrition to fitness classes to the mind-body connection through yoga. All classes, meals, lodging, included in this special retreat. This retreat is located in a stunning, private location in Mayville, NY. 



All Meals Included and prepared by our nutrition expert.

Fitness classes designed to your comfort level.

Goal setting and Meditation classes.

Yoga classes designed to your comfort level.

This weekend is designed for you: Options also include: guided hikes, paddleboard fitness & yoga, animals to see, and time to sit in nature without distractions. 


Classes, meals, and lodging all inclusive:


Contact us for group rates or to get on the waitlist:



Class descriptions 

all classes are optional and designed to fit your fitness/yoga experience level. This weekend is a chance to learn new things, have a bit of an adventure, and stay true to your needs. 
Meals by Nikki

Prepared with and by Nikki, she will share her expertise on the how-to of personalized meal planning.

What are Macro's Class. Nikki will lead a discussion on "What are Macro's" and show you how they can benefit your health. Learn what makes up your food and how you can use this information to your benefit.

How to read food labels. Nikki will show you how to eliminate the confusion. Know what to look for when shopping for you and your family.

{discussion based workshops with Nikki}

Yoga&Meditation Workshops

Yoga&Goals. With a yogic mindset we can craft goals that excite us, ground us, and are authentic to our true selves. Bring a journal to capture your daydreams and turn them into action plans. 

Meditation: demystifying an ancient practice. Meditation is a useful tool in stress relief and management. Learn how to make this ancient practice work in your modern world. 

{discussion based workshop with Debi}

Meals and Meditation

How can a yoga mindset help you eat better? What does it mean to have a yogic meal? Debi teaches how to approach your food with mindfulness to create a healthier experience at meal time.

{discussion based workshop with Debi}

Yoga Movement Classes

Gentle yoga class. Designed to your experience level. Learn how to use yoga as a morning ritual to prepare you mentally and physically for a successful day. Learn how to make yoga work for you whether you have 5 extra minutes or a full hour to practice.

Yoga for strength class. Designed to your experience level. Yoga has the ability to strengthen our bodies as well as our minds. In this class, Debi will teach you the main poses needed to create a strong yoga flow. All levels welcome. 

Yin Yoga class. Yin yoga poses are long passive holds that are calming, restorative, and a deep stretch. No pain in the Yin game, even the most inflexible yogis can participate (and benefit!) from a yin class. 

{movement based classes with Debi}

Fitness Workshop 

Learn the fundamentals of designing a personal training program. Why are goals important and how can you use your goals to fuel your fitness progress? 

{discussion based workshop with Nikki}

Fitness Movement Classes


Hike the grounds. Take a hike lead by Nikki and experience the beautiful nearby trails. 

FitNik Classes Nikki will lead you through fitness based classes. Use your own body to create resistance and develop strength.

Meditation Nature Walk. Guided meditation while walking the trails. Easy pace with opportunities to pause and explore. 

{movement based classes with Nikki}




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The April retreat is SOLD OUT. Add your name to the waitlist by emailing connect@debidarnell.com. And check back for future events!


Meet Nikki

Nikki Fiel is a certified personal trainer, Life coach, and Lifestyle design specialist as well as a Veterinary Technician and Pastry Chef. After losing 64 lbs through proper diet and exercise she has made it her goal to help woman around the world accomplish their goals and learn to love the skin they are in. Nikki is accomplished in weight training, meal planning, running, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, cross training, and stand up paddleboard fitness. She loves to help her clients experience different styles of fitness, to help them find the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

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Meet Debi

Debi Darnell is a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher as well as a Master of Fitness Design. Her health and wellness career began in the gym where she fell in love with finding strength through running and resistance training. However it was her discovery of yoga that changed her fitness mindset forever. Debi teaches her people to find a core yoga practice that centers their lifestyle through the transformational power of combining movement and breath. Yoga can provide a balance to other movement based practices as well as a balance to life in general. 

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