Meet the brands I work with

I am lucky to work with some amazing people. Meet the brands and people who keep me inspired and operating as my best self.


Brittany Graham

Brittany is a dear friend of mine. She's the person I turn to when I have an idea because I know she will both fully support me and help me edit myself into the right direction. She is a woman with BIG ideas and the talent and creativity to make them happen. She is also the photographer responsible for all the amazing photos on this site. She has an ability to help someone feel comfortable in their skin while standing in front of a camera (woah). She is also brand identity savvy and helps people focus their own brand identities. You can learn more about her branding and photography work here.

Brittany is also the genius behind sheridesherbike,  a blog dedicated to encouraging women to saddle up and ride. Her approach to living life by bike is exactly the vibe we stand for here at yoga unexpected. Give her a follow!

2018 Health Source of Avon Ambassador

I have been going to Dr. Natalie at Health Source of Avon for years because she is the best at what she does. I am a very active person and her chiropractic adjustments keep me active and doing what I love.

My love of chiropractic runs deep. As a yoga teacher and movement coach, I understand the profound effects an adjustment can make on the quality of someone's life. Chiropractic adjustments help to create balance in the spine by putting the spine in healthy alignment. Yoga can then help strengthen the muscles around the spine and help teach the body to hold the adjustment in place. The combination is a powerful wellness practice.

If you have never tried chiropractic before, I highly recommend seeing the Health Source of Avon team. They have a wonderful staff who will immediately make you feel comfortable. If you are worried about the adjustment being painful, don't. They have a safe and gentle approach that will ease your body back into proper alignment. I personally have noticed that I sleep better, I feel stronger, and I am able to maintain my active lifestyle, pain free. Mention my name and show them this friends and family card when you go so they know how much I love them, and you get an incredible deal! This is a gift of freedom in your body, give yourself this gift. 

Give them a call 440.937.4222 or visit their website: Health Source of Avon

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Beauty News NYC is the first online beauty magazine, offering the best in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and entertainment, both in NYC and around the world. I am honored to be their Health and Fitness editor. As such, I am always looking for the best in fitness buzz. If you are a writer who wants to contribute an article, or a NYC based fitness brand who is bringing the best workout or workout gear to the city, contact me! Send me an email at to collaborate.