Food does not define your character

Listen up beautiful people, I have something I need to get off my chest... Diet talk breaks my heart. This week alone I have heard the following from women (women who I admire and respect btw):

"It's hot in this [boxing] class but I would never wear shorts, my butt is too big because I like donuts too much"

"I know I shouldn't be eating this, it's soooo unhealthy."

"I only run so I can eat"

"That has too many calories in it"

Outside of professing a love for donuts, no one spoke about enjoying food. And even then, the love of donuts was downplayed by the guilt about enjoying donuts. I'm feeling blunt and feisty right now so all I can think to say is "WTF"? Why are we so quick to use food as a judgement case against ourselves (and in many cases against others). It's food! We need food to survive!

I'll be honest, I've said similar things before. And I'm still navigating how to respond when I hear these things. Most often, in the moment, it's easiest or most socially acceptable to force a lame laugh and neither agree or disagree. I'm a people pleaser and this is my survival mechanism when I'm uncomfortable. But more and more, I'm making the commitment to myself to stand up to these passive aggressive remarks against food and bodies. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the people saying these things aren't intentionally trying to be aggressive or hurtful. These ideas are fully ingrained in our culture and speaking this way about food feels normal. What I am saying is I'm not going to do that anymore. And if I slip up I will correct it asap. 

So I'm proposing that we make a pact to put a stop to this diet talk attack on ourselves and each other. In fact I'm on-my-knees-white-knuckle-begging you to join me in re-wiring our thought patterns to learn to enjoy food again (yes even if it has a little bit of sugar or gluten or a few extra calories in it). Because what I know in my heart to be true is that our bodies will be healthier when we remove guilt, remove restrictions, and remove the personal attacks and move into eating the things that make us feel good. Make us feel whole. Make us feel full and energized. 

Food provides energy for our bodies to make it through a workout, a day at work, a day of raising our families. Food is a beautiful part of living this life fully. Let's stop attacking ourselves over gluten or sugar or calories or guilt or any of the other crap that shows up in restrictive food "plans". Let's start talking about food as a way to live deliciously.






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