Health Source of Avon Ambassador

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I only work with people that I am passionately supportive of...

Dr. Natalie at Health Source of Avon is one of those people. I am beyond thrilled to officially announce that I was selected as a @healthsourceofavon Ambassador!

I have been going to Dr. Natalie for years because she is the best at what she does. I am a very active person and her chiropractic adjustments keep me active and doing what I love. She has also build a beautiful team of amazing massage therapists, PT’s, front desk badasses, and now Dr. Corey as a fellow chiro. He adjusted me after I slept weird on my neck and was in a ton of pain. I have been pain free since. 

My love of chiropractic runs deep. As a yoga teacher and movement coach, I understand the profound effects an adjustment can make on the quality of someone's life. Chiropractic adjustments help to create balance in the spine by putting the spine in healthy alignment. Yoga can then help strengthen the muscles around the spine and help teach the body to hold the adjustment in place. The combination is a powerful practice to total wellness. 

If you have never tried chiropractic before, I highly recommend seeing the Health Source of Avon team. They have a wonderful staff who will immediately make you feel comfortable. If you are worried about the adjustment being painful, don't. They have a safe and gentle approach that will ease your body back into proper alignment. I personally have noticed that I sleep better, I feel stronger, and I am able to maintain my active lifestyle, pain free. Mention my name when you go so they know how much I love them. This is a gift of freedom in your body, give yourself this gift. 

Give them a call 440.937.4222 or visit their website: Health Source of Avon